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At All Seasons Skin and Surgery Center, we strive to help you take great care of your skin while looking and feeling your best. That’s why we’re proud to offer our own exclusive line of skincare products that bring out your natural beauty.

All Seasons Skin and Surgey Center's skin care line Replenix MD

Facial Moisturizers and Creams

Age-Defying Correction CreamOur Triple Antioxidant Cream combines the power of 90% green tea polyphenols, caffeine USP, and resveratrol to give our patients unprecedented antioxidant protection. This formulation visibly reduces the signs of redness and inflammation and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Halo Dew MoisturizerThis moisture-boosting night cream is fortified with ceramides, peptides, and antioxidants to nourish dry skin back to optimum health and support barrier repair and lipid replenishment.
Natural Neck Firming CreamDeveloped specifically for the neck and décolleté, this hydrating cream helps to firm, lift, and tighten skin that has lost its definition with age. Formulated with a proprietary blend of active ingredients to help support collagen and elastin production, smooth and even skin tone, and reduce the signs of aging.
Pure Ultra-Lite CreamAn elegant, sheer facial moisturizer recommended for all skin types, including oily and acne-prone skin.
Rejuva Face SatinThis elegant, super-hydrating moisturizer contains vitamins A, C, and E, Co-Q10, and green tea in an aloe base.
Rejuva Face SilkAn elegant facial moisturizer with antioxidants that is recommended for all skin types.
Rejuva Green Tea CreamThis formula is Fortified with caffeine USP and specially designed to deliver green tea polyphenols to the skin and reduce the visible signs of aging. It calms and cools the skin and decreases redness as well.
Rejuva Radiant CreamThis hydrating cream uses the power of ultra-pure crystalline glycolic acid and antioxidants for smooth, radiant skin.

Serums and Eye Creams

Bright EyesThis eye repair cream combines All-trans-Retinol, green tea, arnica, and vitamin K along with a system of chelators and peptides to deliver maximum results and solutions for dark circles, puffiness, and signs of aging.
Intensive Eye Brightening SerumThis specially formulated eye serum contains a comprehensive system of peptides, chelators, antioxidants, and moisturizers to help with the reduction of under-eye dark circles and puffiness while improving skin texture.
Maxine’s Dermal Restructuring TherapyThis treatment cosmetically enhances the rebuilding of the skin from beneath, protects the renewed skin from damage, and provides a therapeutic dose of antioxidants to the skin.
Maxine’s Facial Firming TherapyThis serum contains a blend of peptides and botanical extracts to diminish fine lines and surface wrinkles, prepare the skin for new collagen production, and immediately firm and tighten the skin.
Rejuva Eye SilkFormulated for the delicate area under the eyes, this nourishing serum delivers the super hydration benefits of hyaluronic acid to soothe, smooth, and restore the area around the eyes.
Rejuva Green Tea SerumWith green tea polyphenols help reduce the visible signs of aging, this formula also calms the skin and reduces redness. Fortified with caffeine USP to complement the antioxidant properties of green tea.
Retinol Plus 2xThis refining retinol treatment is enhanced with a revolutionary, time-released delivery system and offers the antioxidant benefits of 90% green tea polyphenols and caffeine USP to help prevent irritation while efficiently delivering results.
Sparkle SerumThis brightening and hydrating vitamin C serum delivers skin-enhancing benefits of pure, stabilized L-ascorbic acid and tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate. In combination with vitamins A and E, arbutin, bearberry, emblica, and ubiquinone, it helps achieve healthier-looking skin with improved tone and texture.
Ultra Hydrating SerumThis pure, ultra-hydrating serum quenches dehydrated skin for a supple, smooth complexion and all-day moisture retention. Visibly reduces the signs of aging with a nourishing blend of antioxidants and humectants. Skin appears brighter, firmer, and rejuvenated.

Cleansers and Scrubs

Balanced Antioxidant CleanserThis cleansing formula is rich in botanicals and antioxidants. Its gentle cloud of pearlescent lather thoroughly foams away oil, debris, and makeup without excessive rubbing.
Diamond Brightening CleanerOur clarifying, brightening polish gently and effectively works in harmony with skin to accelerate its natural renewal process. This rich, creamy formula mildly cleanses the without stripping skin of its natural moisture.
Green Tea Face and Body PolishFortified with green and white tea, this soothing scrub delivers a wave of warmth to open pores and exfoliates the skin.
Papaya Perfect CleanserThis gentle wash’s easy-rinse, non-irritating formula is specially designed to be used post-procedure.
Rejuva CleanserThis rich, soap-free cleanser with 10% glycolic acid exfoliates and smooths the skin. A blend of antioxidants and Co-Q10 help minimize free-radical-induced damage and restore healthy looking skin.
Rejuva Green Tea CleanserIdeal for all skin types, this foaming cleanser is soap-free and contains a special antioxidant formula of green tea, citrus extracts, and cucumber.
Rejuva Mint MaskAn effective way to clean and tighten pores while absorbing excess oils, this refreshing mint mask also helps dry up blackheads.

Cleansing Pads

Product Description
Daily Pore Pads In combination with hydrating ingredients, these pads use salicylic acid USP and glycolic acid to promote exfoliation, reduce breakouts, and control oil.
Glycolic 5% Cleansing Pads These pads aid in the removal of excess oil while depositing glycolic acid to help refresh, tone, and soften skin.
Rejuva Pads Convenient and easy to use, these glycolic acid pads gently exfoliate, moisturize, and assist in the removal of excess oil and residue on the skin. Antioxidants deliver additional skin enhancement benefits.

Body Lotions and Creams

Maxine’s Body SilkThis light, fast-absorbing lotion Contains 15% glycolic acid along with vitamins A, C, E, and green tea extract. A luxurious experience that spreads easily over the body.
Maxine’s Moisture DewThis light lotion contains squalane and dimethicone to keep the skin of the body soft and supple.
Rejuva Heel & Elbow CreamA concentrated treatment that contains a high level of glycolic acid to soften knees, elbows hands, and feet.
Skin Smoothing CreamThis cream contains a unique combination of urea USP and glycolic acid to hydrate and soften severely dry skin, and improve the appearance and symptoms of psoriasis, Keratosis Pilaris (KP), dermatitis, and calluses.
Smooth and SilkyThis silky, daily-use body lotion absorbs quickly and helps to restore and maintain healthy skin barrier function while preventing moisture loss. Specially formulated to deliver a blend of nourishing, protective antioxidants and emollients to help smooth and soften dry, irritated skin.
Ultimate Hand CreamThis non-greasy hydrating cream absorbs quickly and holds in moisture. Excellent for dry, chapped skin.


  Product Description
Elite Sun Defense Sunscreen This effective sunscreen provides 17% micronized zinc oxide and liposome-encapsulated antioxidants in a moisturizing formula that offers the highest level of broad-spectrum protection.
Maxine’s Oil-Free SPF 30 This sheer, oil-free, non-comedogenic sunscreen works well for all skin types, including acne-prone skin.
Mediterranean Moisturizing Sunscreen This ultra-moisturizing, broad-spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen is sheer, lightweight, and ideal for post-procedure and mature skin. Hyaluronic acid helps address the look of fine lines and wrinkles while helping maintain a healthy skin barrier. Antioxidants help calm and protect skin from damaging free radicals.
Oil-Free Daily Sheer Great for daily use, this soothing broad-spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen is perfect for protecting sensitive skin from the effects of sun damage and skin cancer. Lactic and hyaluronic acids promote more supple, even, and brighter skin.
Perfect Tinted Protection This next-generation BB cream provides superior broad-spectrum SPF 50+ UVA/UVB protection with a skin-perfecting tint that reduces the signs of aging and evens skin tone. Worn alone or under foundation, this matte finish, multi-tasking formula provides all-day oil control, antioxidant benefits, and gentle hydration for even the most sensitive skin.
Rejuva Anti-Aging Sunscreen This antioxidant moisturizing sunscreen has been specially formulated with 6% micronized zinc oxide and other ingredients to provide the highest level of broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection.
Rejuva Sun Defense Lotion SPF 40 This elegant sunscreen delivers broad-spectrum protection as well as antioxidants for a complete sunscreen solution for all skin types. 

Skin Tone Enhancement

Miracle FadeThis skin tone enhancement kit contains botanical skin brighteners, including kojic acid, arbutin, and bearberry in an alcohol and acetone-free base. Contains green tea and other soothing antioxidants in a convenient pad application.

Acne Treatment

Product Description
Zap Zone Gel Utilizing the antibacterial properties of benzoyl peroxide USP, 5%, this gel is the perfect spot treatment for acne.

Eyelash Treatment


This cosmetic eyelash-enhancing serum is clinically developed to help stimulate the growth and fullness of lashes during the lash’s natural growth cycle. Paired with a powerful system of peptides and nutrients, its WideLash™ technology helps eyelashes appear longer, fuller, and stronger.

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